Perytons Analyzer

Perytons Analyzer 3.31

The Perytons analyzers are feature-rich portable tools for monitoring networks
3.31.1665 (See all)

The Perytons analyzers are feature-rich portable tools for troubleshooting and monitoring a variety of wireless and wireline networks and protocols in the lab and in the field.
Perytons analyzers help developers, integrators, and support teams quickly map networks topology, capture activity patterns, make sense of the bits and packets, and identify and resolve problems more quickly and easily than ever before. Enhanced monitoring tools allow to locally or remotely monitor operational networks, identify problematic scenarios, and generate events and alarms. Built in message modification and transmission tool allow to generate over-the-air traffic and analyze the system under test response.

With unique features and a large array of user-friendly tools, Perytons protocol and network analyzers combine performance and flexibility with ease of use unmatched in today’s market. An enhanced analysis toolbox helps identify and understand problems using flexible search, compare, statistical, and other intuitive analysis utilities.

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